My approach

“It is more important to know what patient
has the disease than to know what disease
the patient has”
– Sir William Osler paraphrasing Hippocrates,
the Father of Medicine

You are not your disease

You are more than a cancer patient.

You are a human being who’s been sent a curve ball and needs to send it back by taking control and live the best possible life after cancer.

Your journey is unique.

Entirely personalised to your needs

Integrating standard of care with personalised nutrition advice, which takes into account your specific type of cancer and the wider circumstances that lead to it, is a journey of discovery; learning about the body that developed cancer in the first place can help post-diagnosis.

I use a functional medicine model adapted to cancer that looks at all body systems to identify weaknesses and maximise your fighting potential. Since most cancer patients are on longterm medication/ treatment, drug-nutrient interaction research is an essential part of my recommendations and I have paid access to the highest level drug-nutrient professional database.

I use an in-depth questionnaire, dietary journal and initial appointment to identify which areas need addressing, then may recommend testing to determine specific level of dietary and supplement recommendations, and follow you up as many times as needed.

Your plan is entirely personalised to your needs and will evolve over time. This is a partnership with the ultimate goal of rebuilding your health as best as possible.

Test – assess - address

Some of the functional testing that may be offered are: