I'm on a mission...

to take back control from CANCER

Cancer numbers are rising. In a few short years, our risk of developing cancer has gone from 1 in 5 to 1 in 2.

But we don’t have to feel powerless in the face of these statistics. If you’ve been affected by cancer or are worried about your family history, I can help guide and empower you in your journey.

Nutrition and lifestyle are an integral part of a comprehensive approach to living with cancer, yet these important aspects often get overlooked in the midst of hospital appointments and sheer panic at getting a cancer diagnosis.

Do you find yourself Googling your condition late into the night when you should be relaxing your mind to give your body the best fighting chance?

Do you spend endless hours perusing chat rooms where everyone is asking the same questions but there are no clear answers?

Do you wonder what you should eat to strengthen your body without jeopardising cancer medication and treatment?

Do you find conflicting information on which – if any – supplements to take, which leave you more confused and worried?

Are you concerned about the quality of supplements you have access to via usual commercial outlets? (Hint: you should be)

Are you seeking an evidence-informed nutrition and lifestyle plan that complements your standard-of-care cancer treatment?

I can help take the guesswork out

I can help take the guesswork out, do the research specific to your cancer, and make evidence-informed recommendations in easy-to-follow steps.

My own experience of breast cancer, plus years of formal study and research, including cancer training, have allowed me to specialise in cancer nutrition, with focus on female hormonal cancers. Please know the accredited nutrition body in the UK requires that nutrition therapists undertake specialist cancer training before working with cancer patients. As well as being a breast cancer thriver, I have graduated from the Systems Approach to Cancer course with further Breast Cancer focus.

I employ a functional medicine integrative model adapted to cancer that seeks to optimise all body systems in order to give you the best chance of rebuilding your health after a cancer diagnosis.

I was a picture of health… or was I?

If you’re interested in anti-cancer living, my mission is to deploy precision nutrition to help you regain your best health by identifying the root cause of feeling unwell. This means leaving no stone unturned, combining detective skills in nutrigenetics, family history, nutritional assessment, food intolerances, toxic load, blood markers and dietary interventions, against the backdrop of extensive functional testing and evidence-informed research. I am not interested in guesswork or telling you to drink more water (though you probably need to!) – I want to help you make meaningful, trackable changes to your nutritional status before it turns to ill-health.

If you’re ready to join me in this quest, come and find me at my clinic in Kent or via telehealth.

Simona Sand, MA, BA(Hons), DipNT,
Registered Nutritional Therapy Practitioner mBANT rCNHC

The future of healthcare is integrative

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